Salfeld's parental control software (short "Chico") should help you to direct the consumption of your kids in a healthy and regulated way. This manual gives you an overview of the possible settings. You can read these instructions like a book from front to back. Or you can select the chapter you are interested in directly. Use the keyword search/index to go directly to the chapter in question. These instructions are valid for both the Android and the Windows version. We have highlighted differences between the systems in the individual chapters.

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How does Child Control work?

First install Child Control as an app on the child's Android device or Windows PC. As an adult, you set a login email and password there. With these data you will later have access to all settings of Child Control via the Internet and the Web Portal. Make sure that you use an e-mail address to which only you have access. From now on you can set numerous time, program and app limits as well as web filters. Use the reports / usage logs to see at any time what exactly happened on the child device.

Only for Android and Windows?

Salfeld Child Control is available for Android and Windows. However, from an iOS device you can change the settings via Web Portal and thus "control" the Android and Windows devices. See FAQ iOS for more information. Unfortunately we do not offer a solution for an iOS child device. Apple denies app vendors (like us) access to system functions that are necessary to run a (reasonable) parental control. The same applies to game consoles such as PS4, Nintendo, XBOX. Unfortunately, Child Control cannot be used here either.

Having issues? Not working as expected?

Child Control offers extremely many and powerful settings. Almost any combination of limits is possible. In one case or another, it is sometimes impossible that something does not work as desired. On Android, every manufacturer makes his own Android implementation, which also leads to problems from time to time. If you have any questions that are not answered by this manual, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

License and Trial Version

Child Control is available as a trial version for download on our Download page. This allows you to determine whether or not this program and app meets your needs. If you find this program useful, you should purchase a license. The trial version can be tested for a maximum of 30 days. The test is free and without obligation.


The license version is available for 12 or 24 months. Within this period all updates are free of charge. Important: Child Control is not a subscription and there are no automatic renewals and payments. If license period has expired, you decide if you want to extend Child Control at a special rate or not. The number of devices on which the software may be used depends on whether you have purchased a single user license or a multi-user license. Licenses are required per child device. If several children share a device, only one license is required. Licenses are also not required for the parental app and for accessing the settings via the Web Portal.