No Child Control for iOS

Unfortunately, our solutions are only available for Android and Windows. Apple has a very closed system with iOS, where apps from third-party developers can hardly access system functions technically. A parental control app like we offer for Windows and Android is not technically feasible on iOS. Apple has been offering its own parental control, Screen Time, since iOS 12. Maybe that already fits your needs.

Web Portal app for iOS

If you have installed Child Control on the child's Android or WIndows device, you can conveniently control it on your iPhone or iPad via an iOS web app. To do this, open the Salfeld login page in the Safari browser (you must use Safari!). Then click on the Share icon and afterwards on the option "Add to Home Screen". From now on, the Web Portal will be available to you as app. If you can ensure that your children do not have access to the device, then you can select the "Keep me signed in" option on the login screen. This will keep the username and password saved and you won't have to re-enter it every time.

Important: Before accessing the above, Child Control must be installed on the children's Android device. Instructions for installation can be found in chapter Installation. PS: The Salfeld Portal app from the Apple AppStore is no longer available and has been replaced by the above-mentioned web app.