Download from PlayStore

Use the children's mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) to install the app for the first time. Visit the Google PlayStore and search for "Salfeld Child Control" or "Salfeld". Download and install the app on the child device. After downloading, the registration screen will appear. Here you have to enter your email address (not the email address of the child!) and choose a secure password.

This must be confirmed again during the first installation. Please remember that you can only change the email address by reinstalling the app and you will need this email address for future web portal login.

Entering your (parent) Login E-Mail

After entering this e-mail address, you can decide whether you want to use the app as a child or parent app. The parent app does not require a license and is free. With the help of the parent app you have a quick overview of the day's activities on the children's device and can access the web portal with one click. If you select the item parent app, the installation is already finished at this point. In the children's version, the next step is to enter the device name under which the device will later appear in the Web Portal. It is best to choose a meaningful name here.

Set Android access rights

The device administrator prevents the app from being easily uninstalled. In the second step, you have to activate the accessibility services. These are necessary to control URLs in the Chrome browser app. In the last step you have to enable usage access/stats for Child Control. The usage data is necessary to control individual app run times. The activation of the individual functions varies from device to device. In some cases you have to scroll down to find the appropriate setting. Please contact us if you have difficulties at this point.


GPS Locating and initial synchronization

In the next step you can choose whether you want to use GPS positioning for the device. If you select YES, Android will ask you if the app should be allowed to use GPS positioning. In this case confirm with YES. As soon as the first synchronization with our server is finished you will see the main page of Child Control. This page is still quite empty at the moment. As soon as apps are running, you will see the total duration of the day and the duration of each app here. It also shows the limits that are activated for the child. With the "Web Portal" button you can also access the settings in the Web Portal from the child app at any time. There is nothing else to do on the child's mobile device.

Remember that the mobile device requires Internet reception (WLAN or an Internet mobile connection) so that you can synchronize settings from the Web Portal (more on this later).

That's it!

To make settings, log in to the Web Portal with your user data. You can find the login directly on our homepage or at

Illustration: Success! The app was successfully installed! All further steps can now be done from the Web Portal.