Download AndroidTV, Amazon Fire (Tablets), devices without PlayStore

You can also install Salfeld Child Control on Android devices that do not include Google PlayStore. Here, the app, or the *.apk file must be downloaded and installed directly from our homepage. This process is also called side-loading.

When installing outside the PlayStore, there are some restrictions to consider: The app does not have an automatic update mode. If there is a newer version, we will always upload it at the URL below. You will then have to manually trigger the download again. Simply install the new version over your existing one. If there is an update, this will be displayed in the Web Portal on the home page as a HInweis. Since Google PlayServices are also not available if the Google PlayStore is missing, the manual sync and location request are not available. This is less important for the sync, since an automatic sync takes 1-2 minutes anyway. The download address for the current version is always:

Simply enter the above URL via any browser app to download the file to the device. Then start the installation of the .apk file (possibly confirm a security notice).

Special features of AndroidTV

Android TV does not provide a browser app as default. In this case you have to download the  .apk file on another device (e.g. Windows PC), save it on a USB stick and use this USB stick to install Child Control on the TV. Please note that AndroidTV does not display the app directly on the start page. You can access the app via Settings (cogs) -> Apps -> All apps. AndroidTV also lacks the implementation of the device administrator. This prevents unauthorized uninstall. Alternatively, you can block the app settings via Web Portal -> Apps to prevent an unauthorized uninstall. Notice: Amazon FireTV sticks are not supported (yet).