Profiles allow you to quickly and easily load and save existing settings. This is practical if, for example, you want to use an existing configuration for another device. You can also use profiles to cover different scenarios, so it would be conceivable to create a profile for school time and a profile for vacation time. Depending on the purpose, you could then quickly assign such a saved profile to a device.

Profiles are saved in your account in the Web Portal and remain even if you have uninstalled the app on the child device. Only when you delete your account completely, the profiles are also deleted. Profiles work across devices, meaning you can use a profile from an Android device for Windows (and vice versa). As an alternative to saving within the Web Portal / your account, you can also save and load profiles locally on your PC.

To load a profile or to save it, select the Profiles item from the three-dot menu at the top right of the device selection. A profile is always saved or loaded for the currently active Android device or for Windows for the active device and the selected user. Passwords, login email address, license and logs of the respective device are not saved in the profile. When loading a profile, entries in the app (program) list that do not exist on the target device are discarded. For example, if you had saved time limits for a game app in a profile that does not exist on the device being loaded, this entry will be ignored when loading.