Child Control has always offered an extension function in case a time limit has expired. The extension can be set in different ways:


Extension (time) on Android device

Launch the app on your child device and scroll down to the Limits card. There select the Set Extension button. After entering your password you can choose the desired extension time.

Extension (time) on Windows PC

You can open the status window by clicking on the icon in the taskbar. Then click on the Extension button and the window for the extension appears. Now enter a renewal time in minutes and your password (the same password you use for the settings).

Extension (time) via the Web Portal

You can set an extension directly on the start page in the Web Portal under the status display ("Today xx minutes").

Extension (time) via TANs

TANs are time vouchers. A TAN is a 6-digit number assigned to a fixed extension time. The child enters this voucher number directly on the device and receives the extension you have specified. A TAN can only be used once by the child.

Extension (time) via bonus TANs

Bonus-TANs are also time vouchers. Here too, an extension is assigned to a 6-digit code. Bonus-TANs can be generated by bonus programs defined by you. Difference to the "normal" TAN: A Bonus TAN is displayed on the child device, i.e. the child can directly view and use these codes. A "normal" TAN must be communicated to the child.



An extension is *always* displayed on the child device. If you have set an extension via the Web Portal and it is not displayed on the child device, this setting has probably not yet been synchronized. Either select manual sync or wait a while until the extension has been transferred. You can also set a renewal before a limit expires, the renewal will only count down when a limit is actually reached.

Multiple extension(s)

You can set an extension several times, in which case the different extension times are added together. An extension is *always* displayed in the status window. Alternatively to the password, you can also enter (a previously defined) TAN to extend the time. When entering a TAN, the entered minute time does not matter, it is permanently linked to the TAN. For more information, please read the chapter TAN management.


What is extended?

An extension will increase the times of ALL possible time limits. An extension also overrides a possibly set blocking time. The extension is displayed in the status window. The extension time remains the same until any limit has expired. From that point on (a limit has expired) the extension time is counted down every minute. After this extension time has expired, the limit takes effect as if there had been no extension.


To whom and for how long does the extension apply

An extension is only valid for the user for whom it was set. All other users remain untouched. An extension is valid for a maximum of one day, i.e. if a new day starts, the extension is reset to 0. However, you cannot automatically delete or prevent this behavior under Settings -> General -> Extensions and thus transfer extensions to a following day.


Can an extension (time) be reduced?

Yes, enter a time less than or equal to 0.