Data from the Windows PC or the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is regularly transferred to the Web Portal. Changes to the limit are also transmitted from the Web Portal to the device. This is done in recurring synchronizations that take place every few minutes (assuming the device is connected to the Internet).

Sync outdated or very long ago?

If the date of the last sync is a few days old and you are sure that the device has been used in the meantime, you should do the following: Check yourself (i.e. personally!) whether the app is still installed on the child device at all. Check if there is an internet connection and if all updates are installed on the child device. Also restart the child device once (a restart sometimes helps wonders!). You can find further information under the FAQ entries Android App does not work (checklist) or Windows version does not work (checklist). If in doubt, reinstall the app/software from our Download page.

No Internet connection is required for the limits to work. All data is stored in a local database on the child device. This also ensures that limits work without an internet connection. Should the connection be interrupted, all "older" data from the mobile device or PC will be "added" to the web portal, i.e. nothing will be lost.


Manual Sync (Android only)

If the child device does not want to sync anymore, you can also perform a sync directly from the mobile/tablet. To do this, start the app and select the "Manual Sync" button. In case of any issues its furthermore a good idea to restart the device once.