Use this section to create a so-called TANs (transaction number). A TAN is a time voucher which can be used instead of the actual password for time extensions. Another advantage of these TANs is that you can also give a TAN to your child by phone or SMS, so that the child can extend a possible time limit itself. Only extension times can be set with the TANs. They do not replace the personal password for Child Control.

Each TAN is assigned to a specific time limit, which you can enter yourself under "minutes". The "Add" button adds a new TAN to the list. With "Delete" you remove all marked TANs from the list. Each TAN can only be used once by each user. Also briefly recall the notes on extension times:


- A TAN is not bound to a specific user

- An extension basically extends all active time limits

- An extension is still active even after a possible computer restart

- Each extension can be extended again (with a new TAN)

- Each extension expires at midnight on the same day (adjustable in section Settings)