Besides the Web Portal, there is another way to quickly check what is running on the children's devices. If you have an Android smartphone (or tablet), you can install the Child Control app on your device as a parent app. To do this, use the same login credentials as on the children's devices. During the installation of Child Control, select Parents device (instead of Childs device) in the corresponding step. No licence is required for the parents app and it can be installed on as many devices as you want.

The biggest advantage of the parent app is the display of all active devices in one screen. Especially if you manage devices of several children, here you can see at a glance what happens how long on which device. No switching between devices using the standard Web Portal required to see different usage logs and settings.

More advantages

Overview of all devices with today's times

Direct links for extension time, unlocking, locking

No more (inconvenient) login/password via browser

Password/login can be saved for quick access

License-free, unlimited devices

In the parent app you can see today's active devices with the time used so far. Upcoming limits are displayed in red letters in the respective card. Use the context menu in the upper right corner of the card, to execute device-related actions, such as an extension, locking or unlocking until a given timestamp as well as direct link to the Web Portal. The display refreshes every 1-2 minutes when the app is active and after each power-on. If your children have access to your device as well, please make absolutely sure that you always log out of the parents app (Logout button). Also, make sure you have not checked "Save password" when logging in. Remember: anyone who has access to the parents app can also change all Child Control settings or disable it entirely. If you are the only one who has access to the device, it makes sense to save the password for even faster access.