Note: From Android 10 on, this function is no longer available.

In this area you can display the current screen of the child device on a defined interval. To delete the screenshots, simply switch the function off again. If the number of screenshots exceeds the maximum (currently 100), older screenshots are deleted and replaced by new ones. On Android devices, the interval to be determined by you is only an approximate value. If the device is in standby or on the lock screen, no screenshots are saved. Also no screenshots will be saved if the device does not have an internet connection at that time. In this case the screenshot will simply be discarded (and not "added" like other settings).

One-time screenshot: In contrast to the interval screenshots in this section, it is possible to request a current screenshot via Web Portal -> Start -> Actions. Note that on the start page under Actions the screenshot functionality is only available if the device is currently online.

Important: Preparations Android

Screenshots require special rights on the child device. You have to set these rights once on the child device. Start a screenshot request only if you have the child device at hand. Make sure that your child device has an Internet connection. Follow the instructions in the Web Portal. On the child device, confirm the screenshot request. Don't forget to check the box "Do not show again":

Attention: If the right is denied, no more screenshots can be requested later on and you have to reinstall the app for this. Select the Later button in the Web Portal dialog if you do not have the child device at hand.