Your central control center

The Web Portal is the central point to make all settings. Here you can view the logs/reports (and thus see when what happened on the device) and set extensive limits (total limit, app/program limits, web filters, etc.). The Web Portal is browser-based, i.e. you can access it with any browser from a Windows PC, cell phone, tablet, Mac, iPad etc. You can access the Web Portal via the Salfeld login page or via the "Web Portal" button within the Android app or Windows software.

Important: You have to install the app first on the child device and then access the settings via the Web Portal. Proceed in the same way if you want to add a new or additional device. Make sure that you do not save password to Web Portal in your browser if anyone else like you has access to the device the browser is running on.

Do I always need Internet access?

An Internet connection is required to access the Web Portal. The app on the child device has its own independent database that is synchronized with the Web Portal settings. This means that limits are maintained even if the child device does not have an Internet connection. Please find more information in the FAQ section. Important features and functions like uninstall and or extension time are always available - regardless there is Internet connectivity or not.